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October 11, 2014

Dear Friends,
As we begin 2014,  we stop and take time to reflect on the goodness of the Lord and how he has miraculously sustained us. This has been a outstanding year for Healing Through Horses.  We would like to highlight for you a few of the ways the Lord has provided.

*We were able to secure an amazing rake and bailer, in order to help provide hay (this was not done with Healing Through Horses funds yet, these programs have been the greatest beneficiaries  of it).

*The year was blessed with protection and safety.

*The "foster care" camp program was amazing. What a privilege to work with and serve these youth. Their resiliency and courage is truly inspirational. Many lives were changed.

* We continue to watch the students on the Equestrian Teams (EQ) to open up, grow, and blossom. Experiencing  the new found  smiles and growing love on those teams is beautiful.

*We are preparing to form 3 new EQ teams new 2014 teams.  Two will be consisting of students in the foster care system (8 boys on one, 8 girls on the other). These two teams are not funded.

*There have been multiple new contacts with inner city programs that would like to have their youth involve with our programs.

*We have been able to help a lot of former EQ team members  (now adults) navigate through some continued difficulties that they are experiencing as well as some of their parents/ family members. They know we are available day or night.

*Gould's Jewelry Store in Anoka had a fundraiser for us that brought in $3000., and the Anoka County Wrangler 4-H club had a fund raiser for us.

*We were awarded a grant from the Minnesota Horse Council to go specifically towards one of next summer's foster care programs.

We were able to redeem the crucial piece of land to the north of the barn.

We are so grateful for that you have been such an vital part of the Healing Through Horses .  Without your kindness, prayers, and God's amazing grace, we would no longer be here.  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

  Jane Karpe                                                                                            

Purpose statement: To reach at risk youth with crisis prevention and life changing principles through the instrument of the horse.

Healing Through Horses
is a 501c3 charitable, non-profit organization
developed to work with youth, teaching students life changing values integrated into horsemanship classes and agriculture experiences. Additional programs have been incorporated to help address the needs of today’s disadvantaged kids.

Healing Through Horses
24069 Rum River Blvd.
St. Francis, MN 55070

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